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Friday, October 4, 2013

Kudos: Dlouhy Branding and Design

Often times, designers need to be brave.  It takes courage to whittle down a complex description into an effective brand message.

Too many designs are based on a "kitchen sink" strategy, where the layout includes multiple messages and the corresponding details for each.

These unfortunate, busy designs are often a result of "design by committee."  Or they're designs with purely the results in mind -- forgetting that there is a reader involved.

A great design starts with the reader, introduces an idea and leads to results.

These designs often appear simple.  But it's in the designer's whittling that much of the work is done.

Check out this week's example by the designers at Dlouhy Branding + Design.

These two postcards, used as a self-promotion, are tasked with grabbing attention (with color and boldness), asking a question ("does your brand need a facelift?") and offering a solution ("Dlouhy").

The first postcard sets the stage.  The follow-up postcard reinforces the message.

Our mind searches out simplicity and filters out complexity.  The best postcard design will avoid the filter.

Do you have examples of a great postcard design?  We'd like to see them!  Simply use the Comments feature of this blog and let us know a little about your project -- we'll respond with how to send your images to us. Thank you!


Card 1: "ignite."
Dlouhy Branding + Design

Card 2: "refresh."
Dlouhy Branding + Design

Monday, March 26, 2012

Farmers Market Postcard Designs

If you want to see the ultimate grassroots marketing in action, look at your local farmers market postcard campaign.

Postcards make a lot of sense for these organizations since they're affordable, they reach a targeted audience and yes, they can convey a concise message through a well-crafted design.

There are plenty of Farmers Market postcard designs out there.  The ones I'm drawn to are those that convey the excitement of the outdoor market, show the diversity of fresh produce and local foods, and remind me of the joys of participating in a community outing.

Here are some of the best Farmers Market postcards I've recently come upon:

Carrboro Farmers' Market (design by Courtney Smith):

Farmers Market Postcard design
Postcard Magnets (that's a postcard with a magnet attached)
sampler from

postcard mailer for farmers market

The classic 'wish you were here' look
Sprouts Farmers Market (Eastlake):
Farmers Market Postcard design for Sprouts Eastlake

Vintage look for Omaha Farmers Market (design by Nicholas Burroughs):

Farmers Market Postcard design for Omaha

The wonders of color from the Village of Richfield, Ohio:

Farmers Market Postcard design for Richfield Village

Friday, February 3, 2012

Postcards and the Psychology of Color in Marketing

It only makes sense that color has an impact on a design.

Someone looking at the psychological impact of color in marketing just needs to look at the roots: nature has used color to attract pollinators and distract attackers for, well, a very long time.

Sure, there is a lot that effects what we think when we look at a postcard design, but of all the cues we consider, color can be one of the strongest.

As noted in KISSmetrics, retailers in North America (yes, location matters) use colors to convey messages to their customers:
  • red conveys 'energy'
  • blue conveys 'security'
  • orange conveys 'aggressive'
  • pink conveys 'romantic and feminine'
  • green conveys 'wealth' (or 'earth friendly'?)
  • black conveys 'powerful and sleek'
There's even an inter-industry association -- the Color Marketing Group -- that works on forecasting international color trends. Their slogan is says it all:  "Color Sells... and the 'Right' Colors Sell Better! "

Since a color choice could impact response, there's a lot riding on selecting the appropriate color for your postcard design.

Up and coming designer Alex Masica explores the 'color in advertising' issue with a set of dramatic 'sunburst' postcards designed to promote his full-service design house.

His postcards, in green, red, purple and blue, each state the same message.

Or do they?

Postcard Design in Green:

Postcard Design in Red:

Postcard Design in Purple:

Postcard Design in Blue:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green Inkd

One of my favorite sites for finding consistently good postcard layouts is .  They offer a marketplace for templates and customized layouts from dozens (maybe hundreds?) of artists.

Here is a postcard design  from Octavian Belintan who shows the power of a very basic color palette.  The layouts make me want to go out and start up a landscape design business!